Friday, September 30, 2011

Speechless Moment when......

Dear ex,
I'm sorry cuz I can't delete our blog. Sucks. I can't remember the password. And I know, I can get it from google account, but it just stuck and there's something wrong somewhere about my email account. I'm so sorry about that. I've tried like so many times to get the password using other email. And. I hope you understand why I didn't remove my blog post. You said that I'm sorry causing all those lies and you hurt me so bad in previous. To be frank with you, I'm not your puppet anymore. Some sort of emotionless robotic or whatsoever. Between you and your bf, there's nothing to do with me, I didn't ask him to view my blog by the way. And I have no idea how he could find my blog. Fucking weird. Ask him personally okay. Cuz I don't even know him. Please mind your words. You can't just simply blame others for causing your broken heart with your future love. I don't know what the fucking hell with your situation right now. All of a sudden you called me. Hey I have my own life to handle, to be managed. Okay, here's a simple example for you. IF I'm taken by someone. Mrs 'A' and I have a lil confusing situation whereby my gf doesn't know anything about you, and not even your name. Suddenly she found our blog, and she asked me to explain bout that, How would you feel if I call you and ask you to remove everything and I said that you are the major probs for causing our break up? You would feel the same way too. You salah dekat mana tahu? You tak jujur dgn dia about your past. Tu je yg boleh I cakap. Kalau I jadi dia, I pun marah. I know, I ni jijik ke hape ke. You, berubah tu biarlah slow2. take time to forget take time to move on. Sekarang, kalau you break dgn dia sekali pun, kenapa salahkan I? Sbb blog I? I percaya, kalau you terus terang, dia kalau ternampak blog I pon, dia xkan marah. Sbb dia tahu. Ni dia find out sendiri, I pun tak tahu nak cakap apa la you. Apa dia rasa apa yang I rasa dulu. Remember, kalau kita pernah terjatuh, bangun, and hati-hati, setiap langkah kita mungkin akan terjatuh lagi. So, kenapa tak jujur dgn dia je memandangkan you dulu tak jujur dgn I banyak benda. Stop call I marah2. Dia dah nampak pun, nothing can change anymore. Mcm loser je I delete sedangkan dia dah baca. I tak sayang you dah lagi, so don't worry, I tak pernah pun pk nak kacau relationship korang. You, I boleh hidup tanpa you. So sekarang you patut ke hadapan pk your future. Camne nak handle semua, kenapa perlu blame I? Seolah-olah mcm I blame you sbb I single, tak ke bodoh je dengar nya tu? Lain la I sendiri yg bagi link tu kat bf you, mmg yela I salah. Jujur dgn setiap perbuatan. Tu sangat bermakna dalam relationship. Bukan by calling him B and he called you Baby yang penting, its all about being honest je. Okay. Taraaaaa. Takyah marah2 Ayid sangat la, dia tak bersalah pape. Ada dalang lain yang cuba musnahkan you. Jgn tuduh, cari bukti baru speak out. Jangan melulu sangat la okay. Bye. Don't ever call me. I tak kenal siapa you.

P/s : Fikir la panjang2. So long and Goodnight. Have a wonderful life. Toodaloo.

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